Monday, February 1, 2010

Prints from Shen Zhen University, China

These are prints sent to us by printmaking students from Shen Zhen University in China. A wide range of printmaking techniques and subject matter is represented, including silkscreening, intaglio, collograph, litho, relief, planography,and printing on handmade paper. Their professor Jin Bao Ping was my contact during my visit to China when the international exchange was begun.

Yang Ting Ting

Jin Bao Ping

'Happening Things'
He Guo Fy

'It's All About Wind and Moons'
Cui Jun

'Autumn Equinox'
Chen Ruiyi

'The New Year of Tiger'
Lui Jing

Lui Jing

Li Weibo

'Life Party'
Sun Guili

'White Tiger'
Li Weibo

'White Dinosaur'
Liwor Lo

Wong Wen Ming

Tan Jiwang

Mo Weiner

'Memory and Texture'
Sun Guili

'Dunthrong Wreckage'
Zhan Ting Ting

Yan Zhizhu

Lv Wen

Zou Zhen Yong

Zhang Ting Ting

'Kaufu Chasing the Sun'
Zhang Ting Ting

'Red or Black'
Zhang Ting Ting

Zhang Qi Tian

Zou Zheng Yong

Zou Zheng Yong

Zou Zheng Yong

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