Sunday, November 14, 2010

Year of the Rabbit Submission Call

International Print Exhibition & Exchange
Celebrating the Chinese New Year
PROOF Studio Gallery, Distillery District

10th International Printmaking Exhibition & Exchange

PROOF Studio Gallery is again pleased to host the 10th International Print Exhibition and Exchange - an opportunity for printmakers from anywhere in the world to connect with each other by exhibiting their print interpretation of the zodiac sign of the RABBIT for the Chinese New Year 2011. In previous years artists from China, Mexico, Germany, Japan, United States, Australia, Ireland, Romania, Scotland, Hong Kong and the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec and Ontario have participated in this exhibition and print exchange.

Opening reception: February 3, 6-9PM - Chinese New Year!
Exhibition runs from February 2 - 13, 2011


This is the 10th year of the International Print Exhibition and Exchange at PROOF Studio Gallery celebrating the Chinese New Year and inspired this year by the RABBIT or the HARE or the BUNNY! Please join this fun printmaking experience. The show will begin at PROOF Studio Gallery and continue to OCAD (University of Ontario College of Art & Design, Ottawa School of Art and Muskoka Art Place Gallery. Four shows - one art image!

Print Information & Submission Guidelines


Each artist creates a limited edition print using a traditional print technique such as etching, wood block, linoblock, embossing, lithographs, relief, silkscreen or mixed print media inspired in some way by The Year of the Rabbit.

As always, the Year of the Rabbit is both an exchange and a series of exhibitions. The first print is kept and used for the exhibition. The other prints are offered for sale or used for the exchange. For the exchange, you receive back other artists' work and other artists get your prints.

For the exhibitions, the Year of the Rabbit prints travel to several locations for display: PROOF Studio Gallery, OCADU (Ontario College of Art & Design University), Ottawa School of Art, and Muskoka Art Place Gallery. The show travels from February to the end of April. After the show comes home to PROOF your prints are exchanged and mailed out. You will receive an e-mail when your prints are mailed out.

Requirements for Submission

Dimensions: paper size 10" x 12" maximum (image can be any size that fits on paper), 3-5 prints must be sent

Printmaking Media: Any traditional printmaking technique or combination including relief, etching, lithography, silkscreen, wood block, mixed print methods, letterpress, monoprints - please no straight digital prints

Participation Fee: $20 (Covers matting & mailing)

Payment must be by cash of either Canadian or American denominations, Canadian cheque only, or money orders. International printmakers are welcome to e-mail us for participation fee troubleshooting!!

Submission Deadline: Must be received by January 15th, 2011

Don't be late!

All prints will be offered for sale. Proceeds are split 30/70 with artist. The first print is matted and used for exhibition and fundraising. (3 - 5 prints must be sent). Unsold prints are exchanged with other rabbit printmakers.

Confirmed Exhibition Locations

PROOF Studio Gallery, Distillery District, Toronto
Ontario College of Art & Design University, Toronto
Ottawa School of Art, Ottawa
Muskoka Art Place Gallery, Port Carling, Ontario.

Check out exhibitions & art from previous years.
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Print Submission Form

Each print must have a submission form on the back. All fields are required!

Short description of artwork inspired by The Year of the Rabbit:

PROOF Studio Gallery
Studio 104, Case Goods Warehouse, Bldg. 74,
55 Mill Street, Distillery District
Toronto, Ontario M5A 3C4
Canada - 416-504-6761
Open Wed-Sun 12-5

Hop to it!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

'Year of the Tiger'
Rozemarijn Oudejans
Ottawa, ON

'Year of the Tiger'
Diedre Hierlihy
Ottawa, ON

'Year of the Tiger'
Annie Van Kessel
Ottawa, ON

'Urban Jungle'
Shirley Yik
Ottawa, ON

Rob Hinchley
Ottawa, ON

'Tiger's Eye'

'Tiger Dog'

'The White Tigers Come Out At Night'
Patt Durr
Ottawa, ON

'Panthera Tigris Maneta Enjoying a Cigar'
Peter Graham
Winnipeg, MB

'Once Upon a Time There Was a Tasmanian Tiger'
KK David
Ottawa, ON

Tiger Party?
Nicole Schlosser
Toronto, ON

Natalie Roy
Ottawa, ON

'Watchful Symmetry'
Marion Jean Hall
Ottawa, ON

'Camouflage in he Bengali Sunderband'
Leonard Gerbrandt
Ottawa ON

'Crouching Tiger'
Keith Bell
Ottawa, ON

'Man Eating Tiger'
Katie Argyle
Ottawa, ON
Linocut and Chine Colle

'International Harvester 1000'
Jack Cassady
Toronto, ON
Digital Litho

'Felis Tigre'

'Embrace the New Year'
Joanna Guindon

'Tigre 2010'
Danielle Allard
Ottawa, ON

Dan Boar
Arad, Romania

'Concrete Jungle'

'Comfy Stripes'
Fany Deschatelets
Ottawa, ON

'Close Up'

Catherine Hartigan

Pussycat or Tiger
Cary Brief
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

'Welcome, Little One'
Barb Ringer
Ottawa, ON

Andie Clifford
Toronto, ON

'2010 Year of the Tiger'
R Lindal

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Natalie Draz
Toronto, ON

'Tiger 10'
Barbara Wybou
Toronto, ON

'Year of the Tiger'
Wendy Cain
Toronto, ON

'Tigris Arctinae'
Valerie Chartrand
Winnipeg, MB

Fabienne Good

Saturday, February 6, 2010

'Caught Between The Toes'
Rabbit & Fish (Pam Lobb and Lydia Nieuwenkamp)
Toronto, ON

'Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright'
Susan Ware
Gravenhurst, Ontario

'Siberian Tiger Hunting'
Russell Tkachuk
Roberts Creek, British Columbia

Robyn Elphinstone

'Luna Welcomes White Tiger'
Randie Feil
Victoria, British Columbia

'Pantera tigris maneta enjoying a cigar'
Peter Graham
Winnipeg, Manitoba

'Year of the Tiger 2010'
Pat Whittle
Bracebridge, Ontario

'Tyger, Tyger... Rrr"
Nicky Browne
Middlesex, England

'Tiger Fish'
Natalie Draz
Toronto, Ontario

'Tiger, Tiger'
Mo Levy
Dublin, Ireland